CCM price raise of 5% effectif immediatly.

Here is CCM memo,

Monday, June 28th, 2021
Montreal, QC
To our valued dealers,
To say the last 15 months have been an unprecedented time, is an understatement. We are
deeply grateful for the strong partnerships that have allowed us all to weather the storm and
keep our industry in good shape to move forward into a brighter future. With hockey coming
back full strength in the US, and about to make a comeback in Canada, back-to-hockey 2021
is setting up to be a successful one for us all.
With that said, we are still dealing with challenges from the COVID storm. As you may have
seen on the news, and in our industry (as well as others), inbound freight costs have
skyrocketed due to global supply chain issues. Container costs have gone up almost 500% in
the span of 4 months and most forecasts are calling for even further increased costs in the
back of half of 2021, driven by demand for back to school and holiday goods.
While we have tried our best to absorb the costs, due to the substantial cost increases, we
will need to add a freight surcharge to invoices going forward. This will offset some of the
skyrocketing costs we are experiencing and will most likely incur well into 2022. This was not
an easy decision and we have taken the dealer impact into consideration when creating this
solution. This surcharge will be spread out over all our global customer base.
• All orders will have a freight surcharge of 5% from CCM, Orders will be reflected as of June 25, 2021. 
• MSRP will be increased on several key items to help Dealers offset the surcharge and regain
the impacted margin. MSRP and MAP will be effective July 15, 2021.
• The 5% inbound Freight Surcharge will be incurred on all Invoices regardless of Order Type,
or Dealer Shipping status,  until further notice.
The global shipping challenges are not optimal for hockey or for any other industry, but we are
all dealing with the same challenges. With our new products, a strong return to hockey in North
America, and partnerships that have endured for a long time, this back to hockey season could
be one of our best despite the challenges at hand.
Thank you for your partnership and continued support of CCM.
Bill Terski
Director of Sales – North America