Frequently Asked Questions

List of the most frequently asked questions by our customers at Groupe Hockey :


Question: Do you carry everything I need for my store or pro shop?

Answer: Yes. We are a one stop Canadian distributor and can supply all of your needs. We carry all equipment including skates, helmets, cages, visors, shoulder pads, elbow pads, shin pads, pants and bags. We can also provide one-piece player sticks, goal sticks, wooden sticks, ringette sticks, shafts and blades. Also available is a selection of team apparel including jerseys, caps, toques, t-shirts, tracksuits, winter jackets and hoodies. And finally, a variety of accessories including tape, laces, skate guards, cups and supporters, water bottles and much more.


Question: Do I have a minimum order to place when purchasing from you?

Answer: No. There are no minimums at Groupe Hockey. But you are responsible for your freight costs so sometimes it makes sense to group items together before shipments.


Question: As a new account, do I have a minimum to purchase on my initial order?

Answer: No. You may purchase what you would like to work within your budget.  Our staff can also help you on your initial order if requested.


Question: Do I have to pay my own freight costs?  If so, how does that work and what does it cost?

Answer: Yes. Freight costs are your responsibility and are added to your invoice.  UPS is our freight company. However, you are free to use your own freight company should you wish. i.e. Purolator, Dicom, FedEx, Can Par or even Canada Post.  Normal freight charges represent from 4 – 7% of your total bill which is quite standard.  There are exceptions though. Shipping sticks require an oversized stick box which is a surcharge of $5.00. A large box with 3-4 hockey pants will be charged a cubic weight price as the large box is quite light.  There may be duties or customs charges following shipments to you that are your responsibility as well. If any they are usually quite minimal. Remember too that UPS does not deliver to postal boxes. There is also an additional $3.50 CAD charge for residential deliveries.


Question: How do I pay for my orders?

Answer: Groupe Hockey accepts Visa and MasterCard as forms of payments.  Credit cards are easy and your card is kept securely in your customer profile.  We do NOT accept American Express cards.  We can also provide our banking information should you wish to do e-transfers.  You will only be charged for what is shipped on your invoice and nothing else.


Question: How long does it take to get my order processed?

Answer: Most orders can be processed within 48 hours depending on the time of year.  Should there be back orders they are usually received within 5 – 7 days. But there can be longer days from the manufacturers depending on the product ordered.  But we try and get our orders out as fast as we can.


Question: How will I know you received my order or my back orders have arrived?

Answer: You will receive an e-mail from us telling you that your products have arrived or that your order is ready to ship or pick up.  The e-mail will tell you that you have 21 days to pick up or have your order shipped to you. Due to space restrictions, we are not able to keep your lay-a-way orders longer than 21 days.


Question: Can I purchase anything from the manufacturers?

Answer: No. Not all products are made available for distribution. Most of the time it is limited to high end skates, goal equipment and player equipment.  These high-end products are limited to platinum type accounts that deal directly with the manufacturer and also purchase large volumes in those high-end products.  As a rule of thumb, if you don’t see it on our website it is not available for distribution.  The majority of products available for distribution are available to us and are stocked here in our warehouse in Montreal.


Question: I am interested in Team Jerseys and apparel.  Do you offer this and how does it work?

Answer:  Yes, we do and we have access to Bauer, CCM and Troy apparel.  Our embroidery department offers, embroidery, tackle twill, perma twill, thermo film, sublimation, screen printing, helmet stickers, name bars and much more.  A pdf will be required and delay times depend on what time of year you are ordering your team apparel.


Question: Can I send products back?  What is your return policy?

Answer: Products may be returned with our authorization only. All returns are at your expense and must be approved by Groupe Hockey. Should we make an error in your shipment, products can be returned at our expense.  Returns, after our approval, are subject to a 15% restocking fee.  Products may not be returned because they did not sell. Once a product is purchased it belongs to you.


Question: Can you check with the manufacturer to see if they have a product in stock?

Answer: No, we are not able to call each manufacturer as we have too many accounts and inventories change hourly. We suggest that you place the order and you will be notified within 24 hours if there are back orders. This will also permit you to cancel the order should you wish to.


Question: I am just starting out and need some help with my initial order. Can you help me?

Answer: Yes, our staff has over 100 years of combined experience in this domain.  We can work within your budget and help you put your entire opening order together.


Question: Do I have to purchase a minimum throughout the year to keep my account open?

Answer: Yes, as a retailer you must purchase a minimum of $2,500.00 yearly to keep your account open.


Question: Are your prices in Canadian funds?

Answer: Yes, all of our prices are in Canadian funds.


Question: What about warranty on one-piece sticks or skate blades. How does that work?

Answer:  All composite sticks and shafts carry a 30-day warranty with a one-time replacement.  Warranty phone numbers are provided on our website for your convenience. You are to return the products at your expense. You are to call the number and follow the prompts.


Question: I see there are products that you don’t carry. Why don’t you carry everything?

Answer: We have been ordering products for many years. All products purchased and carried have gone though a selection process.  Ninety-five percent of products carried here are products sold on a regular basis no matter where your store or shop may be located.  It is impossible to carry all products offered to us by the manufacturers.  We ask that you verify our inventories online and suggest stocked items to your customers to speed up the ordering process.


Question: Why are there not images of all your products on your website?

Answer: Products change frequently and are being introduced throughout the season.  It is an ongoing job just to keep the images updated.  However, when clicking on a manufacturer on our contact page a link will open bringing you to their website where the image can be found.  These websites provide you all the images of their products and quite detailed.  You can also go on google images and type in your product as well.